Kaja Tooming Buchanan

教授 | 江南大学设计学院访问教授、同济大学创意设计学院教授



Kaja Tooming Buchanan的研究关注在复杂的组织环境中的用户研究,设计理论和策略。她的兴趣在于研究创意项目对组织和整个社会的影响,尤其是人在社会交往中的复杂的社会和文化环境的体验。她通过调查感知设计的正面社会影响,意义建构,以及经验的人际交往和服务的形式。她在2007年从瑞典哥德堡大学取得设计博士学位。其博士研究内容是在生产技术与诗意美学的战略背景下,为手工纤维艺术在室内空间设计中的应用提供造型以及声音的实践案例研究。作为一名执业艺术家和设计师,她已经有十余个个展,参加了十多个国际联展,并获得了二十多项文化和科研资助和奖学金。Kaja Tooming Buchanan教授目前居住在美国。

Kaja Tooming Buchanan works in complex organizational environments with special focus on user research, design theory and strategy. Her interest lies in creative projects that impact organizations and society at large, especially the experience of people in social interaction in complex social and cultural environments. She investigates the positive social influence of design through perception, the construction of meaning, and the forms of experience in human interaction and services. She received her Ph.D. in Design from the Faculty of Fine, Applied, and Performance Arts at Göteborg University, Sweden in 2007. Her doctoral research is an example of practice-based design research guided by the strategy of Productive Science and Poetics. As a practicing artist and designer, she has had more than ten solo exhibitions, participated in a dozen international group exhibitions, and she has received more than twenty cultural and research grants and fellowships. Kaja Tooming Buchanan currently lives in the United States.