Ming Cheung

教授 | 江南大学设计学院访问教授、新西兰奥克兰理工大学教授及传达设计系主任



Ming Cheung的研究集中在媒体设计,范围包括视觉传播、数字营销和广告、参与式社交媒体、用户体验设计、设计战略和服务创新、设计教育和创造力、设计与知识产权。她在设计、法律、信息技术、教育、语言和音乐等领域拥有一等荣誉的学位。近年来,她领导并完成了23个国家和大学的学术研究资助项目,并在SCI 、SSCI 或 AHCI 的期刊上发表了不少的文章。她曾在澳洲阿德莱德大学和香港城市大学工作,现为新西兰奥克兰理工大学教授和传达设计系主任,并在清华大学、江南大学、高雄大学和香港理工大学担任访问教授。

Ming Cheung’s research centres on media design, and she conducts research on visual communication, digital marketing and advertising, participatory social media, user experience design, design strategy and service innovation, design education and creativity, and intellectual property in design. She holds degrees with First Class Honours or Program Distinction in design, law, information technology, education, languages, and music. In recent years, she has led and completed 23 national and university grant projects and published productively in many SCI, SSCI or AHCI-listed journals. She has worked in the University of Adelaide in Australia and City University of Hong Kong, and is currently Professor of Design and Head of Department of Communication Design at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. She is also Visiting Professor of Design at Tsinghua University, Jiangnan University, National University of Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.