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张宪,江南大学设计学院副教授,无锡轻工大学工业造型艺术专业文学硕士,英国皇家艺术学院PEP课程学员和伦敦艺术大学中央圣马丁艺术设计学院访问学者(2006-2007)。她有多个学科教育背景,包括产品设计、环境艺术、中国工艺美术史。作品受邀参加主题为‘Match-Making–Matching Tradition with Change, Cultural Heritage with Global Interface’伦敦百分百设计展(2008),“竹林-竹的当代设计“(Bamboo Grove)受邀参加第23届美国纽约国际当代家具展(2011)、主题为‘Homegrown-handmade, the renaissance of the values of excellence’伦敦百分百设计展(2013)。她亦在多个国际会议演讲,包括”Changingthechange”都灵会议(2008)、Cumulus Shanghai Conference (2010)、Cumulus Helsinki Conference (2012)、DesignEd Asia Conference(2013)。2010-2012年兼任“无锡东西阁创意科技有限公司”副总裁,2012-2013年担任阳光部落公益项目组“益设计”指导老师。2012年秋创建“草台生活研究室”,致力于探究民艺的设计转化及其它相关议题。2014年11月开始草台咖啡馆的实体店经营,推广手艺创新和食设计理念。

Xian Zhang, an Associate Professor at School of Design, Jiangnan University, is trained in product design and environmental art design with over 15 years’ experience for product design teaching.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Design from Wuxi University of Light Industry. She finished a short term course ‘PEP'(Post Experience Programme) at the RCA(2006) and was invited to be an academic visitor at CSM(2007) in London. Her past positions include work with Philips Design as a researcher at Jiangnan University Sponsored by Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation(2003-2005), as well as the position of Tutor in Sunnygroup, a Chinese grassroots NGO to engage into the project on Design for the Intellectual Disabled(2012-2013). In addition, she held a concurrent post of the Deputy General Manager of Wuxi THINGS Creative Technology Co., Ltd (2010-2012). In autumn 2012, she founded DESIGN HOUSE MOSS, a conceptual design institute focusing on Heritage Design and Design for the Disadvantaged.

Xian’s design works have been exhibited worldwide, including 100% Design London 2008, ICFF New York 2011 and 100% Design London 2013. She has also internationally spoken at conferences such as Changingthechange 2008, Cumulus Shanghai Conference 2010, Cumulus Helsinki Conference 2012 and DesignEd Asia Conference 2013 etc.