PAN Chunyu


Research Interests:

Fashion Culture and Design,Fashion Textile Design,Fashion Color Research and Application

Brief Introduction

Master of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Doctor of Jiangnan University, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor.

Presided over and participated in many social service projects such as the National Arts Foundation, the Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of Education, and Xinjiang Kirgiz Ethnic Culture and Tourism Product Innovation.Presided over provincial and ministerial education reform projects such as "Construction and Practice of 'Training-Incubation' System for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Textile and Garment Major Students", and won the first prize of Textile higher Education Teaching achievements of China National Textile Industry Federation;Silver Medal of the Third China Fashion Design Teacher Skills Competition; Hong Kong Sangma Award Scholarship.

The design works have been published in Beijing CHIC and Shanghai InterTEXTILE for many times. Won the third place in the final of the 86th ITC International Fashion Painting Competition.