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WU Youxin

Design Management, Network and Information Design, Cultural and Creative Industry Research




You-xin Wu: Vice professor in School of Design, Jiangnan University, Tutor for graduate, Director in Studio of Arrangement and Design of Cultural Creativity, Ph. D student in Fudan University.

Knowledge Background: Vice professor Wu is a researcher on economics, advertising, artistic designology and interaction design. She has made great academic achievements of studying and teaching. Except publishing tens of thesis and works, she has applied and undertaken several subjects of scientific research:

National Philosophy Social Science Fund Project

Philosophy and Social Science Project of the Ministry of education

Philosophy and Social Science Project in Jiangsu Province

Creative Fund Project in Wuxi

Awards: Vice professor Wu has been awarded the title of the excellent young scientific and technological worker of Wuxi and been elected as the object of cultivating excellent talents in Department of Organization in Jiangsu province. Vice professor Wu has also been in charge of major project in the Treasury Department: the research center of media and ecology in Wuxi, which is part of the laboratory of digital media and interactive techniques. Being outstanding in guiding students of starting an enterprise and innovation, she has been awarded the medal prize of the national plans about college students’ starting a business, the Grand Prize of that plan in Jiangsu province and the best innovated award of tutors. In 2012, Vice professor Wu guided her students to be in charge of practical subjects about starting a business in the Department of Education.

Positions: Vice professor Wu supposes that colleges should serve for the local. She serves on lots of agencies to contribute to the society.

Director of Department of Planning in the research institute of Wuyue Culture in Jiangsu province

Director of the research institute of media and ecology in Wuxi

Deputy director of the research institute for interactive design in the college of media and design in Shanghai Communication University.

Director of the radio and television station of Wuxi

Director of the management agency in the scenic spot of Hengshan Mountain in the Plum Park of Wuxi

Director of the magazine named Businessmen of Wuxi

Secretary General of the women entrepreneurs’ association in Binhu District of Wuxi

Vice president in the junior chamber of commerce in Binhu District of Wuxi

Committee member of the Youth Federation of Binhu District of Wuxi

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