GUO Honglei





GUO Honglei

Brand Design, Visual Communication design, Arts and Crafts design, Product System Design Theory, Architectural Vision, Design Education, New Media and Communication



In 1994, he graduated from Nanjing Arts Institute, 1994 – 1997 in Wuxi City Administration for Industry and commerce, 2000. He graduated from Wuxi University of light industry university in 2013 and graduated from Jiangnan University in. Has been in northern Europe, Switzerland and other countries to study and exchange. Education and work background, including brand image design, visual communication design, technology and art, product system design theory, architectural vision, design education, advertising and communication. Design works in the international commercial art design competition, the East China Design Grand Prix, Jiangsu star design awards, Wuxi brand design competition to get a number of important awards. Presided over and completed the Ministry of education, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department of the project a number of research projects. Published 15 academic papers, published monographs, 5 teaching materials. Hosted and complete government departments and enterprises entrusted by the project more than 60. To guide students to award-winning frequent: 2008, Jiangsu province 2009 outstanding graduate design guidance teachers, 2009 National College of information technology innovation and practice design award for works of teachers, 2010 national undergraduate design competition works instructor, 2010 National Packaging Design Competition works of teachers in Jiangsu Province, 2010 fire protection publicity design contest gold, silver, copper prize Instructor (won the prize for excellent instruction), 2010 National University Students’ Visual Design Competition works of his teachers, 2011 China packaging design contest silver works of teachers, 2011 “China star”, “Jiangsu star” packaging contest gold works Instructor (outstanding mentor award). 2013 “platinum creative” National College Students’ visual design contest award, gold works to guide teachers, 2014 National Master Award Design Competition Gold medal. 2012 Wuxi Designers Association, Wuxi City advertising association. Won the “favorite teacher, won the 2010 title of” Rong Zhiquan research grants, 2012 Wuxi outstanding communist party member education system.