Priscilla Chueng Nainby

教授 | 江南大学设计学院访问教授、中短期外籍教师项目专家、英国爱丁堡大学研究员



宗诗婷博士致力于协同设计的集体创造力、设计复杂性, 跨文化,为跨交互,产品和服务设计问题研究。通过民族志行动研究方式、她主导心灵编织合剧坊以探讨社群互动的创意空间与集体意象的结构复杂性,利用话剧小品的即兴创作和编织复杂性的协同设计工具, 让社群在身心体验设计思维过程中,集体实现跨领域设计方案。 实现与社群协同设计的集体创造力。主要应用兴趣为对社会由贡献的课题,譬如数码医疗保健和中国民间艺术社会创新。身为英籍华侨,宗博士屡次访问中国研究寻根,是江南大学设计学院访问教授,也在清华美院,四川美院,南京理工,西北工大和厦大等等院校办工作坊, 现居英国爱丁堡,在欧洲的设计院校讲学和进行跨人机交互和协同设计研究.

Dr. Priscilla Chueng-Nainby specialises in codesign research particularly in collective creativity, design complexity, cross-cultural issues for design across interaction, products and services. Using action research and ethnography study, she runs Mind Weave Theatre workshop to explore the complex structure of collective imagery within creative space during community engagements to understand collective creativity with public to achieve collective design solution for social innovation. She is interested in applied design practice for meaningful causes, such as digital healthcare and craft communities at rural China. As British Chinese, Priscilla visits China frequently for research and to seek cultural root. She is visiting professor at JiangNan University DESIS lab, and ran Mind Weave Theatre workshops at Tsing Hua, Sichuan, Nanjing, North Western universities, etc. She lives in Edinburgh and has taught and research on design and HCI at European universities.