MA in Digital Media Art Design and Theory (program code: 1305Z1)

Design is an emerging and comprehensive applied discipline, which mainly studies the rules, behavior and cultural value of design innovation. With the changes of the times, it has developed from the original general applied plastic art that emphasizes the unity of use and aesthetics into a cross-discipline subject that is closely related to multiple disciplines such as business, technology, sociology, psychology, and culture. This change is not only a matter of subject positioning, curriculum construction, or organizational structure adjustment, but also means precisely defining large design, exploring new design methods, and clarifying new humanistic design guidelines at the philosophical level.

Design pays close attention to human life and has both material and immaterial dimensions. On the material level, it is the artistic way of human creation. It creates an artistic series of artifacts; on the non-material level, it also uses art design methods to plan and arrange things. Design has the common characteristics of "design science", so it will involve mathematics, physics, materials science, engineering, mechanics, architecture, electronics, and economics; at the same time, more art design methods are used to design artificial objects, so they also pay attention to the disciplines of art, archaeology, aesthetics, chromology, constitutive science, psychology, folklore, communication, sociology, and ethics. As an open disciplinary system, it includes many specialties or disciplines such as product design, visual communication design, dyeing and weaving clothing design, environmental art design and so on.

Research Direction:

Digital Media Art Design and Theory