MA in Fine Arts (program code:130400)

Fine arts is an integral part of humanities, which is a subject that studies the phenomena and rules of fine arts and takes the evolution of fine art history, fine art theory and fine art criticism as the main contents of its research. Fine arts studies fine art phenomena such as artists, fine art creation, fine art appreciation, fine art activities, and also study fine art trends, aesthetics of modeling, fine art history, etc. Art studies encompass both art practice and art theory. Art practice and art theory each have different ways of thinking, and there are also some intersecting and complementary relationships between them; art practice is mainly done through the process of image thinking Art theory is mainly completed through the process of logical thinking. Art theory is a scientific summary of art practice. It includes art history, art basic theory, art criticism, etc., that is, "art history theory". Fine arts can not only use their own unique methods for research, but also draw on the methods of philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, sociology, and literature and art. The study of the marginal areas or the formation of new interdisciplinary subjects, such as art sociology, art psychology, art marketing, art informatics, art management, etc. Here, the meaning of the word "art" sometimes extends to the fields of plastic arts such as calligraphy and photography.

Research Directions:

Fine Art Creation Research

Fine Art Education Research

Fine Art History and Theory Research