Master of Design in Science of Design (program code: 130500)

Design is an emerging and comprehensive applied discipline, which mainly studies the development rules, behavior, connotation, goal, procedure, method, value and evaluation system of design innovation. It is an interdisciplinary discipline closely related to many disciplines such as business, technology, sociology, psychology and culture. As an open subject system, it mainly includes design history and theory, industrial design, environmental design, visual communication and media design, information and interaction design, handicraft design and other fields. Its knowledge structure covers four aspects: design history and theory, design thinking and methods, design engineering and technology, design economy and management.

Since it was granted in 1993, it further integrated the advantages of multidisciplinary subjects of comprehensive universities, featuring academicity, cutting-edge advancement, internationalization, and interdisciplinary characteristics, and advocating the forefront of inquiry design. It continues to conduct basic research and cutting-edge applied research in professional fields such as industrial design and product strategy, interaction and experience design, visual communication and information design, environmental design methods and theory, and cultivate students with both professional knowledge and cross-disciplinary capabilities. It is a well-known design discipline featuring light industry and having important influence at home and abroad.

Research directions:

Service and Experience Design (English taught)

Industrial Design and Product Strategy

Visual communication and information design

Environmental design methodology and theories

Design history and theories

Fashion and Clothing Design

Fashion and Clothing Cultures

Modern Clothing Technology