Postgraduate Admission


PhD in Design

Research Directions:

Product Design Methodology and Strategy

Design Heritage Inheritance and Re-creation

Clothing Design and Culture

Digital Media Art and Design

Design History and Theory

Master of Design in Science of Design* (program code: 130500)

Research directions:

Service and Experience Design (English taught)

Industrial Design and Product Strategy

Visual communication and information design

Environmental design methodology and theories

Design history and theories

Fashion and Clothing Design

Fashion and Clothing Cultures

Modern Clothing Technology

MA in Art Design (professional master’s degree, program code: 135108)

Research Directions:

Industrial Design and Product Strategy

Interaction and Experience Design

Visual communication and information design

Environmental Art Design

Crafts Design and Public Art

Digital Media Art

MA in Fine Arts (program code:130400)

Research Directions:

Fine Art Creation Research

Fine Art Education Research

Fine Art History and Theory Research

MA in Digital Media Art Design and Theory (program code: 1305Z1)

Research Direction:

Digital Media Art Design and Theory

("*" marked program is available in English, other programs are taught in Chinese.  PhD programs are available upon concensus of PhD supervisors prior to the application. )

Program Duration: 

PhD: 4-8 years

Masters: 3 years

Target Students

International designers and students prepare students with 1) holistic problem-solving skills; 2) easy to work in a cross-disciplinary environment; 3) capable of addressing problems in real life situations, and 4) good team work and communication skills.

Admission Requirements

Completion of undergraduate studies in design, information technology, psychology or other related fields or related field, good communication skills.

Required Materials:

1) A Color Scan Copy of Passport (Photo Page)

2) A Color Scan Copy of the Highest Academic Degree

3) A Color Scan Copy of the Transcript for the Highest Academic Degree

4) A Color Scan Copy of Chinese/English Proficiency Test Grade Report

5) A Research Proposal

6) Two Reference Letters

7) Certification of Financial Support

8) Official Bank Statement

9) Non-criminal Record

10) Physical Examination Record (Within 6 Months)

11) CV (one-page, A4)

12) Portfolio (3-4 projects, PDF, within 10MB)

Application Procedure

1 Online application and submission

Application portalhttps://jiangnan.17gz.org/

2 submission of CV, portfolio

After the completion of online application, please send your CV, portfolio to the following email for school review: belinda.ahli@jiangnan.edu.cn.

requirement for CV: one page, pdf format.

requirements for portfolio: the portfolio is expected to cover at least 3-4 of the applicant’s project works, expressing innovative ideas and social concerns in the specified area of study. It is expected to be in pdf document, with document size less than 10MB. If the applicant is not with a design background, please provide other supporting documents that best illustrates your potentials and qualities for the program.


There are scholarships available from different levels of support, for details, please check: http://studyabroad.jiangnan.edu.cn/English/Scholarships/CSC_Scholarship_By_Country_.htm

For more information about the admission procedure: