Exchange Students Admission

Exchange Students Admission


Exchange students who wish to study at Jiangnan University must be attending a university that has an active student exchange agreement with our university. You can check if your university has a student exchange agreement with Jiangnan University from the Office for Student Exchange Programs at your university. 

Please follow the steps below for detailed application procedures.


Undergraduate programs: Industrial Design*, Product Design, Visual communication Design Environmental Design, Public Art, Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Digital Media Art

Postgraduate programs: Experience and Service Design*; Art Design, Science of Design (research directions: Industrial Design and product strategy; Interaction and experience design; Visual communication and information design; Environmental design, Traditional crafts and public art; Fashion design and culture; Digital media art design)

“*” marked programs are taught in English, and other programs have only a few courses available in English.


1) A completed Application Form

2) Study Plan (one page)

3) Transcript of Academic Records

4) Certificate of Enrollment

5) A copy of Passport or Identification

6) Portfolio

7) Financial Statement (refer to template given)

8) Language Certificate (if any)

9) Physical Examination Record (required for students who apply for over 6 months)

Application documents are non-returnable once they have been submitted to JU. Please be aware that we may be unable to continue processing your application if you do not submit ALL the required application documents.


1 online application and submission

 Application portal

Note: All information required in the application portal are directly linked with your visa documents. Please make sure all the information you filled in are correct (i.e. your identity information must be exactly the same as what is written on your passport).

2 submission of application form, portfolio and study plan

After the completion of online application, please send your application form, portfolio and study plan to the following email for school review.

Requirements for portfolio: your portfolio is expected to covering at least 3-4 of your project works, expressing your innovative ideas and social concerns in the specified area of study. It is expected to be in pdf document, with document size less than 10MB.

3 Application deadline

November 15th for spring semester next year (Spring Semester: end of Feb to early July)

May 1st for autumn semester that year (Fall Semester: early September to next January)


1 visa application:

visa type: X2 visa; visa documents will be sent upon admission

2 Accommodation

All exchange students are expected to be living on campus at the international students’ dormitory. You can register online as well for the accommodations through the same portal.

It is ok if students wish to stay outside campus, but they will need to look for housing on their own.

3 Transportation

Wuxi has an international airport that is linked to many international airports within Asia, airport code: WUX. students may choose to fly to Beijing or Guangzhou or Hong Kong, and then fly to Wuxi. Students may also choose to fly to Shanghai directly, then take the high-speed train or shuttle bus to Wuxi Station.

The school do not provide pick up service, but will arrange student voluteers to support your arrivals. please contact the school international office after you confirm your flights.

For more details, please contact the school international office. Ms. Belinda LI, Email:

Attachment 1: Application Form for incoming exchange students

Attachment 2: Financial Statement template