THE ENHANCEMENT OF THE HISTORICAL TOWN IN CHINA: comparison between Chinese and Italian approach in the view of the touristic development.

Host: Nora Lombardini, Assistant Professor, Polytechnico de Milano

             Shiqi Liu, PhD, Polytechnico de Milano

             Elena Fioretto, PhD, Polytechnico de Milano

TimeOct.28 to Nov.2

Location:a207, School of Design

Workshop contents

The aim of the workshop is the analysis of the state of conservation of the old town (considering buildings, streets, public furniture, river banks, etc.) and the hypothesis of use of buildings "abandoned" and the enhancement ("valorisation") of the old town, considering, for example, the accessibility for all people.

  • Monday      28 October      afternoon: 13:30-17:00 lesson

  • Tuesday      29 October      all the day: survey at old town. Survey means: photos of the facades of      the buildings (the strips of the decades along a street), the map of the      state of conservation of the buildings; the construction system of the      buildings. State of conservation of the public furniture and the pavements      of the streets (and other). The interview to the people (who are working;      who are leaving; who are there for tourism/rest, etc.).

  • Thursday      30 October:      my lecture in your course and development of the collected data with the      students.

  • Wednesday      31 October:      elaboration and use of the data collected with the use of special      files distributed in order to start the project

  • Friday      01 November:      project of re-use and enhancement (scale: 1:100-1:200).

  • Saturday      02 November:      project and end of the workshop.