Serial Lectures: Health Care For The Aged

Richard Goossens


Professor of Industrial design engineering, Delft University of Technology

Time2019/6/24 9:00-10:30

Venue:Lecture hall,A112


Design for the elderly: Where ergonomics meets geriatrics


In this lecture, the similarities between geriatrics and ergonomics will be explored, physical activity of elderly with dementia will be evaluated and case studies will be discussed.

WANG Xiaochun

Associate Professor, Department of Design, School of Digital Media and Design,

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Time2019/6/25 9:00-10:30

Venue:Lecture hall,A112


Research and design practice for aging

The aging problems arising from China's aging society should be systematically sorted out from the perspective of design. Design objects also changed from product to product service system, service and experience. These studies which related to design methods and design objects are really valuable. The design practice of the college can better apply theories, methods and tools, from research to concrete practice.



Craig Vogel


Executive Dean of the School of Digital Media Integration, University of Cincinnati


Former President of Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)

Time2019/6/26 9:00-10:30

Venue:Lecture hall,A112


The role of design in human-centered empathic healthcare

In the lecture, the following things will be discussed to draw the attention of young designers for the emerging aging population: The role of design; human-centered empathic design; co-design; identify stakeholder; visualize a concept; visualize information system; test evaluation; ability to reform and expand initial solutions and ideas; post implementation and assessment with scientific methods; understand the current opportunity of global aging and tools, from research to concrete practice.



Hsu Yan


Associate dean of the school of design, Taipei Tatung University



director of the institute of design sciences

Professor of the department of industrial design

Time2019/6/26 10:30-11:30

Venue:Lecture hall,A112

Not just CARE, but EMPATHY

How to let elders live a happy and dignified life instead of just being taken care of? This lecture will illustrate how design can change the world! In the face of this “Silver Hair Tide”, the innovative design that emphasizes "observing the needs" and "proposing solutions" will make the life of the elders better. What we imagine about aging, and what we imagine about the future, will affect our actions. It is hoped that more and more people will look at the advanced age society with new thinking. Aging is not a burden, but a blessing.

Michael SIU


Eric C. Yim Professor in Inclusive Design


Professor of Public Design, School of Design, PolyU

Time2019/6/28 9:00-10:00

Venue:Lecture hall,A112

Neutral Equilibrium in Public Living Space: Well-being of Older Persons

Taking Hong Kong as a case study, qualitative studies and participatory design projects have been conducted in Hong Kong. Based on the research experience and findings, we advocate that a good quality of public space should not be a stable environment only that this kind of well-shielded space does not promote and facilitate interaction and growth. Particularly regarding public living space aiming for more human-human and human-environment interactions, we further argue that a neutral equilibrium approach should be adopted in design.


Professor and doctoral supervisor of school of mechanical engineering,

Jiangnan University

Time2019/6/28 10:30-11:30

Venue:Lecture hall,A112

3D printing technology for intelligent sensor node —— function expansion and process innovation

This lecture will describe how the team has developed manufacturing techniques for electric fields, injection, deposition, and transfer printing over the years to design and prototype functional devices for different functions. These technologies can further enhance the intelligent capabilities of devices, and the application research in such fields as intelligent wearables, soft robots and structural health monitoring is constantly updated.

HAN Ting
 Associate dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of school of design,

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Time2019/6/29 9:00-10:30

Venue:Lecture hall,A112


Research on the path of art and design implantation for elderly medical and health design



This lecture starts from the analysis of the pain points in the medical care services for the elderly, and combines the research framework of service design to explore the entry point of narrative medical treatment and functional games in the medical and health services, and develop the specific content, forms and methods of narrative medical service. Finally, through practice, reflection and improvement, the elderly clinical narrative care model, service model and experience optimization strategy is formed.