How to Write Design Research Proposals?

Lecture Topic: How to Write Design Research Proposals?

Speaker: Paola Trapani

Lecture Time: May 15th, 2019, 13:45--16:30

Lecture Address: A112 Lecture Hall at School of Design


More and more often, professional designers must write a research proposal in order to obtain funds or to present a research program to prospective stakeholders (e.g. public administration, research bodies, and partners of various kinds).

The course aims to produce an applied research plan in the field of Design and it is specifically recommended to students writing the thesis.

Learning outcomes

• Critically circumscribing a research area of interest and formulating a robust research question.

• Determining the methodological approach to data gathering and analysis tools to be adopted in the research.

• Critiquing the appropriateness of the methodology chosen for the research questions posed.

• Planning the resources needed to accomplish the research according the plan.

• Anticipating specific research outputs and outcomes related to the use of different methodological models.

Introduction of the speaker:

Paola Trapani is Associate Professor of Design and Director of the PSSD Master Program at the College of Design&Innovation of Tongji University in Shanghai, China.

She is a researcher, published author, trainer, and educator, specializing in Service Design, Strategic Design, Social Innovation, and Communication, with an international background in Europe, China, New Zealand, and the USA. She has been teaching design research and design writing courses at the Polytecnico di Milano for quite some years.

School of Design

May 13, 2019