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熊微副教授,清华大学美术学院设计艺术学博士,《创意与设计》编辑部主任,国家公派英国德蒙福特大学访问学者,江苏省 “青蓝工程”优秀青年骨干教师,荣获学校14年度“我最喜爱的优秀老师”称号。熊微具备美术学和设计学的历史与理论研究背景,目前已参与国家重点项目《中国工艺美术全集》,是其中子项目《江苏民间工艺卷》编委。现已出版《设计批评》、《艺术设计专业写作教程》等多部著作,在核心刊物上发表学术论文若干篇。并获得清华美院博士生论坛论文一等奖、首届中国民间工艺美术 “乡土奖”论文二等奖、江苏省工业设计优秀学术奖(09-llw-0056)等多个奖项。此外,他还曾在德国实用科学与艺术大学、科斯特纳设计博物馆、比利时梅赫伦大学等国际设计院校(博物馆)进行学术交流和讲学,也曾在武汉理工大学、苏州大学、东华大学、郑州轻工业学院等众多国内设计院校兼授课程或开设讲座。
Xiong Wei, associate professor, received his Ph.D. in Design from Academy of Art and Design of Tsinghua University. He is the editorial director of Creativity and Design, CSC funded academic visitor in De Montfort University in the UK, and outstanding young teacher awarded by Qing-lan Project in Jiangsu Province.
With background in historic and theoretic research of fine arts and design, he has participated in the national key project China Arts and Crafts Set as the editor of one of the sub-projects Jiangsu Folk Craft Volume. He has published plenty of works, including Design Criticism, A Guide for Art Design Writing, and several papers in Chinese core journals . He is a recipient of many grants, awards and fellowships, including first prize of PHD forum paper contest by Academy of Art and Design of Tsinghua University, second prize of Rural Art Award in the first Chinese Folk Arts and Crafts Paper Contest, Outstanding Academic Excellence in Jiangsu Industrial Design (09-LLW-0056), etc.
He made academic exchanges and gave lectures in many design institutes and museum around the world, like University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Museum , August Kestena in Germany, Lessiure Mechelen in Belgium, and also offered courses and lectures in many domestic design institutes and university, including Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Suzhou University, Donghua University, Institute of Zhengzhou Light Industry.