Master of Design in Service and Experience Design

Introduction of Program

With the rapid development of information revolution and technology, the demand for services and experiences has gradually increased. Facing the new needs and challenges emerging in the present and future society, the School of Design of Jiangnan University launched the International Postgraduate Program for Service and Experience Design. The project will systematically study, practice and explore the basic knowledge in services and experiences design to cultivate socially responsible and respected design leaders with a broad international vision, systematic understand of the service and experience design and research methods, the latest development of the subject at home and abroad, and analytical research and presentation skills.

Program duration: 3 years

Program Curriculum

It is required that students should fulfill at least 33 credits for graduation.

Target Students

International designers and students prepare students with 1) holistic problem-solving skills; 2) easy to work in a cross-disciplinary environment; 3) capable of addressing problems in real life situations, and 4) good team work and communication skills.

Admission Requirements

Completion of undergraduate studies in design, information technology, psychology or other related fields or related field, good English communication skills. Transcript and portfolios are required for the application.

Tuition Fees and Accommodation

Tuition fees: 20000 RMB per year

Accommodation: 3000RMB per year

Living cost per month: approx. 2000 RMB

Students will be living on campus.

Application Procedure

1 Online application and submission

Application portal

Note: All information required in the application portal are directly linked with your visa documents. Please make sure all the information you filled in are correct (i.e. your identity information must be exactly the same as what is written on your passport).

2 submission of CV, portfolio and study plan

After the completion of online application, please send your CV, portfolio and study plan to the following email for school review:

requirement for CV: one page, pdf format.

requirements for portfolio: your portfolio is expected to covering at least 3-4 of the applicant’s project works, expressing your innovative ideas and social concerns in the specified area of study. It is expected to be in pdf document, with document size less than 10MB. If the applicant is not with a design background, please provide other supporting documents that best illustrates your potentials and qualities for the program.

requirements for study plan: please illustrate your academic background and how it relates to the program you are applying.; and furthermore, please explain what you wish to achieve in the program. (One page, 800-1000words)


There are scholarships available from different levels of support, for details, please check:

For more information about the admission procedure: