Research Platform


  • Experience Design Frontier Research Methodology and Technology Research Center (111 Center) 

Research Center funded by the Ministry of Education, Major International Collaborative Center in collaborations with professors from University of Cincinnati, Politechnico di Milano, Delft University of Technology. Eidinhoven University of Technology, West Ontario University, Aarhus University, Griffith University, Purdue University, University of Naples Federico II, etc.

Research Directions:

Product service system and experience design strategy

Experience design methods of urban human settlement

Intelligent interactive experience technology

  • Jiangnan University Creative & Cultural Research Center 

Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science in Jiangsu Province (2010)

Research Directions:

Regional Culture and Sustainable Design

Service and Interaction Design

Industrial Design Innovation System Theory

Design Culture and Aesthetics

For further information:

  • Jiangnan University Product Design Art Experimental Teaching Center

Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in Jiangsu Province

Modeling laboratory

Public Art Lab

Photography Lab

Ergonomic Laboratory

Screen Printing Laboratory

Architecture Technology Laboratory

Interactive and Digital Technology Laboratory

Virtual Exhibition Laboratory