Socio-spatial Theories and Patient Empowerment

Speaker:Peter Gall Krogh

Time:2019.06.12  13:30-15:00


Our physical environment, products and technologies condition how we may enact our social life. By point of departure in theories on proxemics (Edward T Hall) and F-formation and transactional spaces (Adam Kendon) the lecture will demonstrate how a prototype of an interactive table enhance patient engagement healthcare consultations. In particular,the lecture will focus on interaction proxemics. Furthermore, the lecture will in an interactive format discuss cultural differences as the play out in different countries and across the world.

Peter Gall Krogh is trained as Architect and Industrial Designer. For more than 20 years he has collaborated with engineers and computer scientists merging technical advancements and artistic concerns in research delivering contributions both in and to design research. As also his industrial career witnesses the work of Peter Gall Krogh has been equally concerned with the object as well as the impact of design. His overarching approach and interest is how design may be used for knowledge production – Constructive Design Research.