International Workshop Call for participants

Restocking the Foundation of Interaction and Experience Design:Issues, Methods, and Skills




Host主持: Heekyoung Jung, Ph.D. (

Associate Professor of Interaction Design, University of Cincinnati


时间time:5月17日下午13:30-17:00; 5月18日 9:00-16:30

地点 Location:School of Design设计学院A205

Interaction/Experience Design is an interdisciplinary field of practice that applies digital technologies to create products and services for enhancing the quality of human life. Recent developments in information and communication technologies have introduced hybrid forms of products and services with natural user interfaces and advanced intelligence; design approaches, tools, and skills are also changing. This workshop presents a current status and core competencies of interaction/experience design with the focus on1) goal-directed design process,2) data-driven design research methods, and3) design systems prototyping skills.

In this workshop, students will discuss their experiences, questions, and challenges in learning and practicing interaction/experience design (Day 1). They will also develop a plan for their current or new interaction/experience design project (Day 2) in consideration of the following questions:

  • Who are the users and stakeholders?

  • What are the use cases and expected value propositions?

  • What are available resources and anticipated challenges?

  • How to prototype and demonstrate the design concept?

  • How to support or validate the design by research?

Based on the discussion on Day 2, interested students may continue developing a project plan (May 19 – 24, 2019) for potential paper submission at design and HCI conferences in the coming fall or spring.










How to sign up:send your name. major/field of study, student number, phone and email to905136356@qq.combefore 12pm May 16th.

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